Poverty Reduction: Empowerment Approach through Developing Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship in the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation

Nowadays poverty reduction and supporting the needy people is a social and economic necessity. The approach of Empowering the needy people by means of employment based on entrepreneurship and developing small businesses (through innovation and improving all aspects of personal and social life) is an effective approach to achieve durable development, poverty reduction and to create social-justice. This approach is popular among most countries. Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation is a supportive institution which is focused on empowerment and creating the willing for work and developing entrepreneurial culture among the clients.Implementing such a model can help achieving the goals such as improving the social, cultural and economic awareness of the clients, improving technical knowledge and vocational skills of the clients, preparing the context for realizing the talents of the clients and improving economic condition of the clients until they become self-sufficient. In this paper first some views about poverty and empowerment, entrepreneurship and developing small businesses are represented and then client empowerment through entrepreneurship and improving employment in the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation based on the research in 2011 are discussed
KEYWORDS: poverty reduction, empowerment, small businesses, entrepreneurship

Abbas Laki, Fatemeh Paseban and Amir Mohammadinejad

ISSN: 0127-8983 Vol. 4., September 2015. 173-181

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