Factors Affecting Iran’s Animal Products Export: A Co-integration Analysis

Iran’s economy dependence on oil revenues has caused some impacts in the form of commodity price fluctuations on current revenues. Accordingly, in the past few years especially in the Second Development Plan, the government included encouragements and reduced the country’s dependence on oil revenues in its agenda. Agricultural export, especially livestock and poultry export has a proper status due to its relative advantage. Therefore, this study aims to identify the factors affecting the supply of export animal products. For this purpose, factors affecting the export of livestock products were identified using Co-integration Analysis. Empirical results showed that livestock products export is significantly affected by livestock added-value, changes in price index of export .goods, subjective price index of livestock products and climate changes
Keywords: Added-value, Co-integration analysis, Export goods price index, Livestock

B. Maleki, S. Avetisyan, Z. Permeh, and F. Paseban

J. Agr. Sci. Tech. (2012) Vol. 14: 1195-1203

Factors Affecting Iran’s Animal Products Export A Co-integration Analysis

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